Kraid is an Exarch and a construct crafted by Adahan in the early days of the world. It served as the god's eyes and ears in much of the world.


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Kraid LoreEdit

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Statistics BlockEdit

Kraid Level 33 Solo Soldier

Gargantuan Immortal Animate (Construct)

Initiative +22 ]Senses Perception +29, Darkvision

HP 1550 Bloodied 775; see also Second Wind

AC 51; Fortitude 49, Reflex 47, Will 48

Immune Disease, Fear, Poison, Sleep Resist 15 Variable (3/encounter; see glossary)

Saving Throws +5 (solo)

Speed 12, Fly 12, Hover 10

Action Points 2


Flawless Construction

Kraid scores a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

Devastating Punch (Standard, at-will)

Reach 4; +40 vs. AC; 4d8+16 and the target is dazed (save ends).

Annihilating Flurry (Standard, at-will)

Kraid makes two Devastating Punch attacks.

Protective Light (Immediate Interrupt, when an attack hits Kraid, recharge 5, 6)

Roll a d20. On a roll of 10 or higher, the attack is negated.

Ground Pound (Standard, at-will, recharge 5, 6, only usable while on the ground)

Close Burst 8, +38 vs. Fort, 4d10+16 damage, and the target is knocked prone and immobilized (save ends) Miss: Half damage.

Eye Beam (Standard, At-will) ✦ Force

Ranged 15, +36 vs. Reflex, 3d8+8 Force damage and the target is slowed.


Alignment: Good Languages: Supernal

Str 42 (+32) Dex 18 (+20) Wis 36 (+29)

Con 38 (+30) Int 28 (+25) Cha 22 (+22)

Kraid TacticsEdit

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This will change and adapt as we progress. This is only the current fluff.

Kraid was created by Adahan in the early days of the world in order to have a non-living companion. He was used as an ambassador for the god.

After Adahan met his end, Lazarus took the construct and used it to create the Mad Dwarf. The power-crystal that fueled the construct was washed away into the waters.