The Deeptouched were created by Ueberroth to corrupt the creations of other creatures.

Deeptouched is a template that can be added to any creature

Statistics blockEdit

Deeptouched Elite Template

Abberation (aquatic) XP Elite

Senses: +5 Perception

Defenses: +4 AC +2 Fortitude +2 Will

Immune: Charm, disease, poison

Saving Throws +2

Action point 1

HP +8 per level + Consitution score

Regeneration 5


Deeptouched have access to the following powers: Oceanic Affinity, Tentacles, and Slime Spores

Oceanic Affinity

The creature gains a swim speed of 5 and the aquatic subtype.

Tentacle (standard; at-will)

Reach 2 Level+4 vs AC; 1d8+level/2 damage (3d8+level/2 damage against a dazed target), and the target is dazed (save ends).

Slime Spores (standard; encounter)

Ranged 4; targets a dazed creature, level+4vsFortitude;6d8+level/2 damage. A target reduced to 0 hit points or fewer does not die, but falls and becomes infected by slime spores. An hour later, it has finished its tranformation into a fully healed Deeptouched creature.


This will change and adapt as we progress. This is only the current fluff.

DeepTouched were created by Ueberroth to mock the creations of other gods.