God Information
Name: Dajjal
Player: Aradeia
Domains: Wind, Apocalypse
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Alignment: Unaligned
Pantheon: None
Holy Symbol: A spiral shape with three tails.
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Appearance: A near-invisible whirling mass of air.
Sea of Daj, The Greys

Dajjal is the 2nd Lord of Creation


She has no form but the quick western wind, the bright sirocco that gales from the north, the spirited gusts that whip the sands. And when circumstance calls for form, she marshals the ice crystals and the water vapour and manufactures a body of whitest cirrus. But when a darker wind blows, her clouds become stormy, pregnant with rain and crackling with lightning.


Dajjal was brought into existence when her mother, Ebel, cast her left arm, along with a spark from the Gate, into the whirling winds.


At first, Dajjal found no need to be shackled by something as common as a name. When her brother, Velt, was born and took a name for himself, she suddenly felt an urge to don one of her own.

As her brother grew and more Lords of Ladies of the Elements began to crawl into sentience, Dajjal quickly earned for herself a reputation for word-twisting, something that fell quite naturally into her domain of Wind, for words floated quite literally upon it, and for scorn, for she oftened displayed a distaste for her siblings' lack of subtleties. Dajjal also came to profess that she awaited a time after time where "all will be merely dust of the wind" and her airy domain will be the sole ruler. Thus she took upon herself the moniker "The-Queen-of-Dust" in preparation for a time when time would be no more, and only she should exist, alone and content in the void.

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