Ascari , atropal of necromancy

Information BlockEdit

Name: Ascari

Alignment: Evil

Appearance: She looks a lot like her sister Hirudi, but gaunt and pale skinned. Similar to Archis, her right side is underdeveloped. Rows of long dorsal spines cover her entire back. Her chest is an open ribcage and several larger spikes grow from her shoulders, similar to those of spirit devourers.

Purpose: Ascari is an Exarch who grants a +1 bonus to combat


Ascari and Archis are born from the same embryo, which split up during development. However, there was only one yolk sac, and it remained with Archis after they split. Therefor, Ascari had to leech nutients from Archis, causing them to develop a different morphology, even though they are twins.

The two of them would often interwine with each other, becoming the single creature they should have been, with there two developed tails becoming the double tail the other two sibling have.